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and extraction of NGL from natural gas, followed by fractionation to separate components. Modern gas processing plants use cryogenic low temperature distillation process based on the expansion of the gas through a turbo-expander. A fractionation column, called demthanizer follows. Methane, the residue gas and NGL are the products from this column.

Fig. 1 illustrates the Salam gas plant flow diagram before the application of the considered modifications which can be described as in the following paragraphs .Gas from Qasr field processing facilities is first separated in a slug catcher. Vapor and liquid streams from the slug catcher is routed to the two identical trains 3 and 4.

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Enhanced NGL/LPG Recovery

integration and lower OPEX compared to conventional NGL extraction process COREFLUX®-C2 Features & Applications COREFLUX®-C2 is a highly efficient and competitive process tech-nology with a deep NGL recovery from Natural Gas, oil associat-ed gas and off-gas from refinery plants. This proprietary process suits following applications;

Natural gas liquids (NGL) are utilized in nearly all sectors of the economy such as feedstock for petrochemical plants and blended for vehicles fuel. In this work, the operation of a cryogenic expansion unit for the extraction of NGL is optimized through the implementation of data-driven techniques.

Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) There is a great opportunity for nitrogen rejection with multiple integrated NGL extraction options, and specifically high NGL recovery. Since the Nitech™ process is a cryogenic process that operates much colder than typical cryogenic NGL extraction plants, integrating NGL extraction

NGL are produced predominantly in gas processing plants and, to a lesser extent, in refineries as homogeneous liquid blends of purity NGL. The NGL extracted from natural gas make up the so-called Y-grade NGL from which ethane, propane, n-butane, iso-butane and pentanes plus are separated by fractionation in a distillation unit.

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NGL 101- The Basics

Importance of Gas Supply Estimates to NGL Forecasters In a low gas price environment, NGL value is a key component of cash flow for gas producers NGL volume available for extraction depends on: Amount of gas available to processing plants How much NGL is contained in the gas that is produced NGL volume actually extracted depends on:

PLANT DESIGN BASIS Table 1 Feed gas: Flow, MMscfd 100 Pressure, psig 70 Temperature, oF. 80 Composition, mol %: N 2 & CO 2 1.8 C 1 75.0 C 2 16.1 C 3 ... The advanced refrigeration NGL extraction process can eco-nomically achieve deep NGL extraction from most natural gas streams. Using conventional closed-loop mechanical re-

Executive Summary. Blue Racer Midstream, LLC, a joint venture between Dominion Resources, Inc. and Caiman Energy II, LLC, owns and operates the Natrium NGL Extraction and Fractionation plant. The Natrium facility is located in Marshall County West ia and includes two cryogenic processing plants and two fractionators.

NGL Extraction. There are two principle methods for removing NGLs from the natural gas stream are the absorption method and the cryogenic expander process. Absorption. The absorption method for NGL extraction is extremely similar to absorption for dehydration. The primary difference lies in the use of an absorbing oil in NGL absorption as ...

of NGL plants is created based on decreasing the fixed ... in an ethane extraction plant was done by [12]. Cold tank pressure, recompressed discharge pressure and demethanizer ... situations, with increasing the fan power the air flow increases and the output temperature decreases. So the plant operating cost increases.

Typical Turbo-expander for Natural Gas Liquids extraction plant simplified diagram is given in Figure 3. The inlet gas, after pre-treatments such as dehydration, is …

Cryogenic NGL extraction plants from natural gas offer an attractive opportunity for LNG production as a side stream. Cold gas is tapped from the overhead of the demethanizer and liquefied via a compact and efficient mixed refrigerant compander process. The enthalpy balance of the NGL plant is maintained by recycling a cold liquid to the NGL ...

The last step in the processing sequence is the Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) extraction, fractionation, and treatment, as described in Figure 12.4. Figure 12.4: Separation and Fractionation of Natural Gas Liquids [6] Natural gas liquids (NGLs) have a higher value as separate products. Two basic steps: 1) Extraction, 2) Fractionation. NGL Extraction

9 The sulphur plant production includes the sulphur production reported in Petrinex in tonnes of 10 sulphur. 11 12 13 Ethane Extraction 14 15 Ethane extraction is a process of removing ethane (including natural gas liquids) from 16 marketable natural gas. Facilities that utilize this process are also referred as straddle plants.

On average, these plants processed about 44.7 billion cubic feet per day, operating at about 68% of capacity. Plants operate at less than capacity for many reasons: transportation constraints, varying input supplied from wells, and regional economics. Processing plants are midstream facilities that separate natural gas liquids (NGL) from ...