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Many of the surplus powders available are the ball type. There are a few powders that will cover a wide application of uses. Generally there is reloading data available or existing data for a similar commercial powder can be used. Virtually all military powders currently on the market have a commercial equivalent.

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Ball propellant (trademarked as Ball Powder by Olin Corporation and marketed as spherical powder by Hodgdon Powder Company) is a form of nitrocellulose used in small arms cartridges.Ball propellant can be manufactured more rapidly with greater safety and less expense than extruded propellants. Ball propellant was first used to load military small arms cartridges during World War II and has ...

MIL-B-48387, MILITARY SPECIFICATI0N: BALL POWDER, IGNITER (BP1) (FOR USE IN CHARGES, PROPELLING FOR ARTILLERY SYSTEMS) (01 APR 1975)., This specification covers one type of igniter ball powder for use in ammunition.

This military grade smokeless powder is a ball-style powder manufactured by Saint Marks (General Dynamics) for the US Army. It was pulled down in 2018 for the Fort Smith Arms and Ammunition Plant (FSAAP) at Lake City Army Ammunition Plant by certified Lake City & ATK Engineers. It has been certified for re-use, pressure, burn rate, accuracy ...

Mil-Spec Industries Corp. is a U.S. Government Contractor & Supplier to Defense & Commercial industries. SMP735 DB BALL POWDER. Description: for 5.56mm. Featured category: N/A. Category: Search by P/N or Name. SPEC: N/A. MSDS: N/A Product Quote. Company Name * …

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ball powder for .32 s&w long cartridge quote/details.338 lapua magnum ball powder: ball powder - rifle powder quote/details.357 magnum ball powder: ball powder quote/details.357 magnum single base powder: single base tubular powder quote/details.38 cal m41 ball powder: ball powder for m41 ball …

MIL-P-48335, MILITARY SPECIFICATION: PROPELLANT, SPHEROIDAL, BALL POWDER (30 APR 1975)., This specification covers spheroidal propellant for use in ammunition (see 6.3). MIL-P-48335 Download File - 601.26 KB Report Problem (email)

Malted milk powder is most associated with chocolate-covered malted milk balls eaten at the movie theater, or in milkshakes. But before it was a confection, this ingredient was used in the mid-1800s to keep babies healthy. It was also used to provide a nutritious option for travelers and servicemen who couldn't always get fresh foods.

Attention: All military 846 is in two types now, For use in Ball ammo with a Heat reduction added to powder and a Tracer type which burns at a higher temp to light tracer bullets WC 846 Surplus Ball, 8lb 99.99, buy 4 or 6 for 94.99 per 8lbs, and also get HM discount.

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Powders | Mil-Spec Industries

51 ball powder for .32 s&w long cartridge quote/details.338 lapua magnum ball powder: ball …

Military BALL POWDER® Propellants listed in order of burn rate. Powder Designation Cartridge Powder Designation Cartridge. SPI Igniter Artillery WC 856 .50 Cal. SLAP M903, SLAP-Tracer M962. OBP® 126 .50 Cal. Blank M1A1 WC 857 .50 Cal. Tracer M17. SMP® 545 5.56mm Grenade Launcher WC 858 20mm HPT M54.

Rifle Powder (WC844). WC844 BALL POWDER Propellant Innovative Technology for the 21st Century Military. Produced to high quality military specification in the U.S.A., WC844 5.56mm (.223 Cal.) Double Base Rifle Ball Powder is probably the best powder for most 5.56mm ammunition.

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Ball Powder ® Propellants. Innovative Technology for the 21st Century Military. Few defense companies can claim a pedigree in propellant technology as distinguished as that of General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems. Our quality propellants have been supplied to the armed forces of the United States and its allies since 1914.

Powerful black powder can be made with mill runs of between 2 and 4 hours. Use long drop cords. Unplug the cords at the electrical source, not at the ball mill, when you want to stop the mill. Run your mill remotely, outdoors, at least 150 feet away from people and inhabited buildings.

Ball Mill and Classifying Production Line. The world's leading technology, mature technology, stable operation, low maintenance cost, low unit energy consumption, flexible selection of grinding media and liners, high-purity processing, concentrated product size distribution and customizable solutions.