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K.O. Lee Radius Grinding Fixture Radius Swivel attachments for doing corner and ball radius K.O.Lee BA 986 X& Y Cross Slide with locking ways Knuckle angle grinding fixture. Cross Slide and Radius works smooth and free. No grit Tested and Working Good Condition Validus Group print catalog#SE1085 Photograph shows Actual item for sale Everything ...

When grinding a bull nose you locate your wheel at angle in the y, x, and Z axes, set your indicators to zero, then move the wheel away from center (pivot) the desired radius (eg. 0.150" for a 0.150" radius), then bring the tool to the wheel using the x and y feed screws on the Radius …

A radius grinding fixture comprising a support having a shaft supporting bore formed therein, a shaft journalled in said bore and being of greater length than the bore for axial back and forth sliding motion with the bore, and said shaft being freely rotatable bot-h clockwise and counter-clockwise in said bore, a second shaft extending from ...

Made in U.S.A. Ideal for grinding various shaped punches and for convenient use in inspection, light milling, jig-bor-ing, jig-grinding, radius dressing and machining electrodes. One-piece, hardened steel body. Ball and race integral preloaded bearing for high concentricity and minimum deflection. Dial graduated 360° in 1° increments.

OLDER RADIUS TOOL CUTTER GRINDER GRINDING FIXTURE W/ HOLDERS SHARPENING. Pre-Owned. $249.99. Buy It Now +$93.31 shipping. 12 watchers. 5 H S G B p Q o n G s o r V e R R 9 d T. BOYAR SCHULTZ MODEL "G" BOX TOOL BIT GRINDING FIXTURE SCREW MACHINE TOOL GRIND. Pre-Owned. $375.00. Buy It Now +$18.00 shipping. S H p 7 o n U Z s o C r Z Y e Q d 6 S L.

This is a K.O Lee Precision Cross Slide Grinding Fixture in Good condition. Model# BA986 Features: Concave or Convex Radii can be ground on shank mounted cutters. Surface tangent to radius can be ground using longitudinal table feed. This radial grinding fixture is precision instrument for generating convex and concave radii on cutting tools.

Radial grinding fixture is the correct term. It will perform the work of several fixtures, and does much more than grind the ends of end mills. It grinds ends, flutes, does side and face mills and lots more. It can be used as a radius grinder or can grind an angle cutting end mill. It is a very useful attachment for the T&C grinder.

Radius Grinding Fixtures. June 9, 2016 by Rush Machinery News and Information. 0. These fixtures for grinding ball, corner radii, and concave radii on shank and arbor-type cutters, feature solid cast iron construction for rigid, vibration-free grinding. The fixtures provide for grinding radii up to 3" on tools.The universal style base fits ...

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Volume 8, No 9 - OCt, 2003

Radius Grinding Fixture J. R. Williams - HMSC member. The project was to machine a quantity of special hinge bolts, for a WWI replica airplane, with a uniform 1/4 inch radius on the ends of the bolts. The first idea was to hand grind the radius to a scribed line, but I soon gave up on that idea and went for the fixture in the photo.

a ba986 radial grinding fixture. surface tangent to . radius can be ground using longitudinal table feed." "high precision bearings are employed in radial swing unit, which is graduated in degrees and swings 360 degrees. center gauges provide method of centering any tool by . locating tool against gauge.

Cuttermaster Radius Grinding Attachment. For sharpening ball end mills and generating corner radii. Fixture sits on top of a 360° swivel base with a 90° stop. The unit has a true lead screw in-feed and cross-feed for generating correct corner and ball grinds. For use on Cuttermaster tool sharpeners and other tool and cutter grinders.

Tool Holder Tightening Fixture; Tool Holder Collet Nut & Wrench; Tool Holder Screws; Shop All; CAT40 ER Tooling. 3 Micron Runout at bore. 5 Micron Runout at 4xD. 20,000 RPM Balanced. Shop Now; Workholding. Angle Plates; Box Parallels; Cantilever Clamps; Clamp Handle Grips; Clamping Component; Collet Fixtures; Dividing Heads; Fixturing Angle ...

A radius grinding jig DickeyBird, I thought that we had flogged the Tool and Cutter grinder subject to a point of boredom or rage( it depends) Almost all the tool and cutter firms offer a radius attachment. i have one for my Clarkson and if you fancy a look, Google -- lathes.co.uk.

Radius Grinding Fixtures . Description: Radius Grinding Attachments are for grinding ball, corner radii and concave radii on end mills and other shank-type cutters, as well as for grinding radii on arbor-type cutters. Unit 6B Ball bearing work head for shank-type cutters.